::summer samples::

Ah, summer in Melbourne. Hot asphalt, north winds and now … water restrictions. Stage 2. Joy.
Apparently my sister in law and two nieces went for a walk down the street the other day and AI2 (my youngest niece) spied a sprinkler in the front yard of someone’s house. “Oooh, look they have a fountain Mama!” …. AI2 is four years old, this misplacement of nouns was due to the fact that she has never in her life seen a sprinkler and so had no idea what to call it. Long gone are the days when my brothers and I would dance ‘nuddy’ under the sprinkler on a hot summers day.

In other news, entered two works, “Tanabata” (see pic) and “Momotaro”, to an exhibition at Intrude gallery last week. The exhibition entitled “Summer Samples”, is an open show and as long as the works were all under 22 x 22 cm they were included in the show. Not easy to find frames of this size, but I ended up finding them in one of the many 70’s style malls in “the burg”. The frames are strangling the works but it was the best I could do.


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