::it’s not easy being… a teeny weeny cute japanese boy with a bunch of flowers::

As I miss my Japanese TV so, so, so very much I find myself searching for episodes of my old favourites (ie: The Fountain of Trivia, Gakko Eko and Wakuwaku Doubutsu Land). I have written about ‘Fountain of Trivia’ before in my previous blog.. can’t get enough of that stuff. Great for those uncomfortable silences at dinner parties, eg: “Did you know that Salvador Dali designed the logo for Chupa Chups?” or “When you pull out a nose hair, your tears come only from the eye on that side?” You can’t tell me that won’t get people talking!

As is the nature of the internet in my travels I have found alot of obscure stuff, including this one entitled Funny Japanese Kid. Thought I would share it with you. If you listen real close in the last few frames I think you can even hear his tiny heart breaking. Kawaii so da ne!


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  1. arumanda says:

    i have some very bad news to break to you dear andrea…

    the fountain, has stopped runneth.

    and wednesday nights are cold, lonely and boring all over again

    oh sigh

  2. arumanda says:

    to get you through the next wednesday…

    did you know that if you fold up a newspaper in halves – 46 times (physically impossible, but mathematically this is so) the height of the newspaper would reach the moon?

    oh, and dali grew his moustache as an antenna to communicate more clearly with the aliens.

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Didn’t know about the newspaper but did know about Dali, he was my kinda guy, dat’s for sure. That’s some sad knews… why, I thought it was rating it’s pants off! My absolute favourite was the segment in which they made up their own trivia… I vividly remember barely being in control of my bladder the night they re-enacted ‘Densha Otaku’ by putting an attractive actress in an alley way in Akihabara with an equally unattractive drunk man abusing her and made it a thoroughfare for an apparently ‘new’ maid cafe. I have never seen so many grown men run like girls in my life. The question Out of 100 otaku’s how many will come to the aid of a pretty girl?” Answer : 76….. that makes me proud to call myself otaku!

  4. arumanda says:

    yeah, i saw that episode. i guess i’m more of glass is half empty kinda girl when it comes down to it. i was so sad and disgusted at the guys who just pretended nothing was happened and skimpered on by. but yeah, 70’s is a good enough number i guess.

    i thought it was rating pretty well too. a bit of a shock it faded away. will have to start playing trivial pursuit on my own to make up for the loss.

  5. mattymcg says:

    My absolute favourite Japanese TV show was “Mecha Ike”. I wrote all about it here: http://35degrees.com/article/91/mecha-ike. Still break out the taped episodes that I brought home every now and then. God you’ve got me feeling all natsukashii now.

  6. innocentgirl says:

    Matt – HUH! Just checking your blog and … your lovely wife commented on my old blog some time earlier this year and I used to check both your blogs while still living in Japan. This made me ponder two things is the world really that small (surely not) and OMG if you guys are still saying stuff like genki and waxing lyrical about Japan this reverse culture shock takes alot longer than I thought! No, matter I wouldn’t swap my experience for all the concrete in Chiba.
    Oh and mecha-ike… loved it.

  7. mattymcg says:

    Crazy. Yes, our blogs were both quite popular while we were posting about Japan (especially Kim’s after it was featured on the front page of Lonely Planet – bandwidth bill went through the roof that month!). In fact, how’s this for crazy – when we went to Design Festa, some young (western) girls recognised us from our web sites and came up and gave us a big hug! It was ridiculously comical.

    You have to be careful of this intarweb thing. It makes an already small world all the smaller.

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