::lost youth::

Now I hate to get all, “When I was that age I never did that….” but my return to Western “civilization”? this year and some of the things I have experienced involving ‘young ones’ (a friend of my parents used to refer to us kiddies with this label when I was younger….and probably still does) has led me to ponder on the subject of childhood and the point at which it ends. It would seem that age is no longer a prerequisite for the following:
Wearing deodorant – my 8 year old niece will not leave home without it, apparently she has a sticky note attached to said deodorant saying “Do not touch, must use everyday”.
Shouting out rude remarks to strangers – on my daily walk around “The burg” I pass a primary school, on one occasion three boys, aged about 8 years old was my guess, shouted out “Nice Ass!” as I passed by… now I am not questioning the accuracy of this comment as my rear, in my opinion, is in fact rather nice, however I do not condone this behavior from a adult let alone an 8 year old child!
This one however takes the cake! In the early hours of this morning a 12-year-old self-taught driver went out looking for boys in her grandmother’s car and led police on a brief chase that reached 110kmh in a 60kmh zone. Read more here.
Apparently when apprehended she exclaimed ‘I’m just taking grandma’s car for a spin to meet up with some boys’. HUH! (ed)
Now please tell me, am I overreacting here, am I a prude, have a lost touch with the youth of today?
All I know is all of this makes me feel really old.


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  1. mattymcg says:

    Hey Andrea, was great to meet you at Melbourne Massive the other night. I love your artwork, although I can’t decide whether it makes me feel inspired or just damn jealous of your talent 🙂 I also empathise with your frustrations and culture shock after living in Japan. I thought I might like to be a Japanese teacher when I got back after 3 years in Tokyo, and instead was instantly disgusted with the behaviour of Australian children that I went off the idea immediately!

    Anyway, keep up the good work and hopefully see you at other web industry events in Melbourne.


  2. innocentgirl says:

    Matt, Funny! I am thinking of doing some part time teaching myself, came to the same conclusion as you though. That is by far the best comment on my work I have received so far, thank you so much. It was great to meet you too, I met some great people there and so no doubt will see you at another event soon!

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