::Week one; operation Fat Cat::

Three years is a long time. It’s a long time in human years, a third of your life for your average dog and the average cat well ….
On Melbourne Cup Day seven years ago I brought home a teeny brown Abyssinian kitten I named Sienna Neko. She entertained us with her cute and strange mannerisms, she ran up walls and flipped backwards off them, chased super balls and brought them back and played hide and seek with me around corners… scaring the bejeezuz out of each other when we jumped out from behind the corner, then she would snuggle up under the covers with me and keep me warm at nights. Ah, those were the days….

Nevertheless all good things come to an end, this end being when she was shipped off to the in-laws when I left for Japan. She, I was reassured, was being well looked after. This I didn’t doubt, and still don’t.
As it turns out she was well looked after VERY well looked after indeed.
When I left Sienna she was tipping the scales at an average four kilos, I picked her up yesterday and she is now…..wait for it……… eight and a half kilos!!!

Carrying her in the cat cage to the car I had to lean sideways to compensate for the additional weight all the time fearing the plastic hand would snap and she would land with a heavy thud to the ground and escape. I was relatively confident I would have no trouble chasing her though.
She has also gained quite a considerable ‘tude’ with the weight. She will be happily purring away and then suddenly hiss and snarl at you. It’s like she has some kind of feline form of tourettes.
She is also so fat (sounds like the start of a bad joke) that she can’t clean herself, this means she has a mass of dreadlocks on her back (not funny). Nothing some light sedative and a pair of clippers won’t fix, however there is only one thing uglier than a really fat cat and that’s a really fat cat naked.

The diet started today, so far she has slept in the beanbag for about 10 hours …….wish me luck.
See before and after photos below (no explanation needed).

fat cat


4 Comments Add yours

  1. arumanda says:

    dear god. that’s almost as impressive as my own extreme weight gains and losses!

    my beloved got fat in her old age, which i think is quite natural. and then when she walked around the house her little droopy tummy would swish side to side. i thought it was very cute, but she was never to the point of not being able to clean herself. poor darling sienna.

    i’m sure with your firm love, the little (or not so little) one will be her regular picture of health in no time.

  2. innocentgirl says:

    she is a fatty alright! She is off to the vet tomorrow to get her back shaved… sigh… a pity the poor doctor.

  3. (('{~_~}')) says:

    What a shocking sight! You should have had a warning! What the hell did they feed it?

  4. innocentgirl says:

    hmm, apparently top quality beef but it was not so much what they fed her but the quantity!

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