::What was that you said?::

National Language

My dear friend Martine, who’s blog is a regular read of mine and inspired my own, recently posted one of the daily comics from ‘xkcd : A webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math and Language’. Sarcasm, ah, apparently the lowest form of wit. I found the comic above on about my 20th click, obviously set in America but totally relevant to Australia nonetheless. Martine’s previous post “Fucking big laugh loud on train”(do yourself a favour and read the comments on that post). had already sent me chuckling to myself as it explained how fun it can be to create your own ‘engrish’ when texting your friends keitai. ‘Engrish‘ usually being the product of direct translations through poor translation software on the internet.

Sarcasm, Engrish and the comic above made me think about John Howard. Let me explain.
A recent article I read online “New plan no problem for ‘fair dinkum’ migrants: Howard” had me rolling my eyes so hard I got a headache. Apparently it is of the utmost importance that all migrants learn english, the language of this country apparently, asap or get out.
This is my response to this in ‘engrish’:
It be not happy. It thinking Jonu Howarudo be of much big feeling of strange and confused. It be thinking to that the brain is of very small in size. It be lacking in the touch with reality. The country that is of big size and many kangaroo has many people from foreign land. This be much good, this be make for interesting life. We be talking many words but we be understanding, it makes for big fun.
The language of that you be speaking of important, it be coming from country of same name. English land. If every person communication be same, you be making “big boredom”, you be saying the ‘fair dinkum’ but this be making me big confused. It wonders why you talk the riddle. ‘Fair dinkum‘ be from Chinese immigrant of most likely… English it be? It be thinking not. And the many kangaroo I be seeing that do big jumping… ‘Kangaroo’ English it be? It be not. Kangaroo meaning in the Aboriginal “I don’t know” it is…..I think Jonu need to be saying “kangaroo” many times from now.


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