::Week three; Operation Fat Cat::

little miss 8 kilo::

Well as you can see the diet has had little or no affect on our cat. I weighed her yesterday and she is still eight kilos! (sigh) She is very affectionate however and has a very endearing habit of wanting to sit as close to your head as she can when you sleep, at four kilos that was uncomfortable, now at eight kilos I actually fear for my life. Suffice to say she no longer sleeps in the same bed as me anymore.
I am starting to think that the bean bag (see pic) may be to blame, if she doesn’t drop some kg’s soon it may have to be removed from the house.


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  1. arumanda says:

    ah, but that’s one bloody happy looking little ball of fluff there though…

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Amanda – She is real happy, this is true. Our Japanese house mates thinks she looks like a tanuki, they also think she is cute fat and should stay that way!

  3. grinnbearit says:

    I love it. She’s happy, that’s what matters, right?

  4. innocentgirl says:

    Certainly is… and a face like that is hard to resist come dinner time.

  5. Joey says:

    My cat was also considered ‘obese’ by the vet. . . . .the biggest thing that helped my cat shed some weight was stopping free feeding. .. .

    I feed her in the morning when I got up (then took the bowl away as I left the house for work) and I feed her another portion at dinner when I made my own meal. . . . .

    Be sure to keep lots of water out. .. . . .

    Also check the ingredients on the food, the first 5 ingredients should be meat. . .if its grains, corn or rice – these are fillers, and work just like they would with people. . . .you need a heck of alot more of it to feel full.

    A better food, smaller portions and scheuduled feeding will help tons.

    My cat was almost 13lb, and her optimum weight for her structure and size is 9.5lb. She weight 10 and a bit now. . . . .

    Took 6 months for her to get that far. . . . .

  6. innocentgirl says:

    thanks for the advice joey, actually since she moved back with us she is no longer eating as much as she used to (at our in-laws there were two other cats and I think she felt compelled to eat everything so that they didn’t get any). We have a crazy ant problem at our house too so we take away all uneaten food, we can’t even leave dried food. we were told that fresh meat mixed with potato as filler is good but she doesn’t seem to go for that. 6months… wow, I think I might be a bit impatient then!

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