::Mr. Donut versus Krispy Kreme… no contest!::


Recently while taking my Japanese friends on a trip around the city they spied the new Krispy Kreme Donut shop opposite the Southern Cross Station, shouts of “Ohhh, Krispy Kreme!” came from the back of the car so we decided as the store was practically empty now would be a good time to try them out so we jumped out onto the pavement ready to purchase some apparently irresistible donuts. As we were walking in a policeman walked out, the girls exclaimed (in Japanese) in all seriousness, “Oh, then it’s true that policemen love donuts!”.
While pondering why this phenomena existed we chose our donuts from what I considered to be a rather limited selection and we left.
To cut a long story short I was quite disappointed. The donuts did indeed taste like American donuts, kind of like they had been fried in an oil re-used continuously since the opening of the first Krispy Kreme store in the 1930’s, but there was nothing that screamed ‘Donuts worth waiting in a long queue for!’ to me.
When I first came to Japan I was dragged into a Mr. Donut store by an American friend of mine, I was quite apprehensive to begin with, thinking it was just another American franchise taking over the world, however when I spied the ‘Tofu’ donut I decided to give them ago.
Well the rest is history, I gained around 4 kilos that following winter and acquired several ‘gifts’ via the point card system.
They had it going on, the jingle, the point card gifts, the crazy selection of donuts, the characters, the place mats and most of all an insanely delicious dough that didn’t give a hint of deep fried greasiness. As a friend of mine once said while eating ‘deep-fried mochi cheese’ in an Izakaya in Japan with me once “These dudes know how to fry shit!”. Yes they do my friend.
I had to go cold turkey that spring, in an effort to lose the weight, and managed to do so, though it took a great deal of will power. Last Easter while in Japan on my own and with no chocolate eggs on offer I decided it would be the next best place to get a sugar fix and that’s when I did the sketch you see above. I love Mr. Donut, so much so that it’s around number 10 on my list of things I miss about Japan.
Mr. Donut versus Krispy Kreme… no competition.


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  1. dajnj says:

    The only way a Mr. Donut doughnut is even bearable is to bring it home, heat a little in the microwave (they are always stale) and add American Fudge frosting.

  2. TODO says:

    Mr. D will prevail in Japan because they are just better. CC sucks. TODO

    PS. Dajnj your comment is just too disgusting for words. Why not just get a spoon ? Do you add sugar to your soft drinks too ?

  3. Bloodaxe says:

    I used to frequent Mr. Donut shops here in the U.S. when I was in high school. They were the best then and nothing compares to them. It was a sad day when they went out of business. I loved the Chocolate Angels.

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