::Bungalow 8 begins!::

Bungalow 8, square one::

Bungalow 8 is a cafe/restaurant/bar on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Formerly the ‘Hideout’, where my best friend once fell through the roof while retrieving supplies back in her days of waitressing, dreadlocks and Dr. Martens, it now has new owners.
A friend of mine ‘Keith’ discussed the possibility of an interactive, ‘live’ artwork in the space, as it is truly cavernous. There are two large television screens and a massive screen that could be used for projections, the idea was to hook up my laptop to a projector so people could watch my ‘work in progress’. Unfortunately the projector they had been using was stolen a month before… Plan B, an analog work? Why not!
Although intimidated by the sheer size of the place I opted to do an analog piece on MDF board, toying with the idea of something like this, and then realizing that would require an intense input of hours onsite, something I just can’t commit to as yet.
I opted instead for an work that is still interactive but doesn’t require me to be there on a full time basis, it relies solely on the input of customers at Bungalow 8. Basically the work consists of 12 squares of MDF, 30 x 30 cm in size, these are pieced together to make a work 90 cm high and 120 cm wide. Each week I will complete a piece of the puzzle, the first piece shown above, the following pieces decided on by anyone who feels inclined to suggest an ‘idea’ on the poster provided. It’s not that I am want for ideas, in fact quite the opposite, currently my head seems to be throwing out new images at an epileptic pace, it’s more that I want someone else to decide for once, kind of like art direction from complete strangers.

So head on down! They have a huge menu and an awesome selection of cakes as well as a ‘hotspot’ and some lovely red soft couches … go, eat, contemplate life, enjoy!
If you need more information please speak to Moura, Hannah or Jimmy at Bungalow 8 and they will be more than happy to direct you to the piece. Or if you are a hikikomori please just send me an email with your suggestion : innocentgirl@otoshimono.org

Over the next three months the piece will snake itself into creation and barring some expected, alcohol induced ‘obscene’ comments, I am quite looking forward to what will be suggested. I will be making regular updates here, including a break down of the process so keep on checking back and as I have written on the poster “Lets be making happy picture!”.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. arumanda says:

    sounds like fantastic fun. great idea. enjoy enjoy and ganbatte!

  2. innocentgirl says:

    thanks sweetness, will do!

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