::…Happy Day of Valentine to you…::

..she didn’t know why, she just did…”

Must apologize for the lack of posting of late. Been madly completing a series of works for my new show at Kazari (opening March 1st). My works will be shown alongside those of Benedict Ernst, the title of our show is “Rat Daughter, Chocolate Geisha; contemporary expressions of Japan by two Australian artists” The prints are currently being framed as I write this… phew! More on this in posts to come.

A close friend of mine, Martine Cotton, actually just opened her own exhibition in Japan on Saturday night. The works look quite amazing, as do the flickr photos of the opening. “Monochromic’ is the name of the show and the pieces are a selection of black and white photographs she has taken over the years.

And yesterday…. Mayuko (our Japanese housemate) left us. She’s probably surfing off some beach in Byron Bay right now while I sit here and miss her smiley face around the pad. That’s right, my little piece of Japan is surfing her way up the east coast and heading back to the big, stinky, smoke that is Chiba, Japan. BTW I will also miss her most excellent cooking. I tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to stowaway in her surfboard cover whilst she was occupied with finding the end of the packing tape. Best of luck little Mayuko chan … ganbarre!

Wishing that you all get messages of love and lust from your nearest, dearest and possibly unknownest, and promise to update with a little more regularity from now on.


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  1. Martine says:

    Hey Innocentgirl, only 14 sleeps till your opening! Woohooooooo!!!!!

    Wish I could be there, good luck with the show preparations – framing and all that hideously mundane yet essential crap – and see you back here in Tokes real soon.

    Wish you and Popps could have been here on Saturday night, all your encouragement and support means a hell of a lot to me.

    Happy Valentines xoxoxo

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Martine – We wish we coulda been there too, looked like one hell of a party, and that Thomas face gig is a riot! Whatever we can do from this end of the world is no problem. Did you do any baking for any sweethearts?

  3. martine says:

    ha, no way. have you EVER seen me near an oven? of making anything that takes longer than 15 minutes to prepare?

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