::…anaglyphs are ace!…::

Hotdog in 3D::

In the long deep breath I took after handing over my works to the framers and saying goodbye to my Japanese housemate I have been feeling a little lost… intense periods of concentration and change seem to have that effect. Not wanting to stop creating though I decided to experiment with making some “anaglyph’s” from some of my sketches. Without the blue/red 3D glasses (as seen being modelled by ‘Sienna’ the 8 kilo kitty) you won’t be able to see the 3D effect here but you may remember it if you ever read 3D comics when you were younger… or was that just me and my nerdy ways?

Sienna in 3D::
Sienna “Hey person who feeds me, how’s about you take these off before I sumo your ass!”

Anyhoo, here’s some info on the process and some stuff you may need…
I downloaded the AnaglyphMaker v1 from Version Tracker and found it real easy to use. I ordered some glasses from Oz 3D Optics and then escaped into the world of cyan and magenta. Twas fun!

Hint: blacks recede while whites jump forward.

There is a handy description of how it all works here. As my images are not photographs I slightly adjusted their angles and perspectives using the free transform tool in Photoshop before loading them into the AnaglyphMaker. I have yet to venture into the world of colour with these, I am also real keen on getting some of my illustrations ‘lenticulated’. Especially after seeing an awesome image of a Gundam robot at the Gundam exhibition in Japan last year.


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  1. arumanda says:

    heya. i was trying to post a comment on your newest post about the exhibition, but the comments have been closed? i just wanted to say congratulations and it’s so great to hear that it went well and that you’re feeling motviated and reenergized about your work. good for you. enjoy the rewards of the hard work you’ve put in. ganbare ganbare

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Dear Amanda, Thanks so much, really appreciate the support. Thanks also for the heads up on the comments, no idea why that went pear shaped on me.

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