::Rat Daughter, Chocolate Geisha::

Rat Daughter, Chocolate Geisha::

So I lied about posting more regularly! I have a good excuse though…..
Thursday night was the opening of “Rat Daughter, Chocolate Geisha; contemporary expressions of Japan by two Australian artists” (the other being Benedict Ernst) it was a brilliant opening night with a nice size crowd and quite a few sales too;-)

Jo Maindonald (one of the director’s of Kazari Collector) made a wonderful speech and I would like to send big thanks to all involved; Alex, Robert, Tarun and of course the girls in the ‘oishii’ Cafe Kazari. Thanks must also go to my printer Brian Gilkes at Pharos Editions and the guys at Omnus Framing for completing everything so well and so quickly.

Days before the opening I went through my usual harrowing feelings of self doubt and stressing over the ‘small stuff’ as I am want to do but this was very much the exhibition I HAD to have (these works have been itching to get out since early last year). And again I have to thank the staff at Kazari Collector for giving me this wonderful opportunity to showcase my work. The gallery itself is a wonderful open space and the manifesto behind it coincides nicely with my own ideas on display, design and, of course, Nipponophilic tendencies. The opening night was so busy (I nursed the same glass of wine all night) due to the constant barrage of lovely peeps curious to speak to me about my work, which I find surprising easy to do;-) I left on a high and eager to get drawing again.

If you are in Melbourne, or will be between now and March 27th head on down to 450 Malvern Rd, Prahran for a look, if not I have uploaded some photos on my Flickr page and all the works can also be found on the Kazari website and my own very, very soon (slaps self on wrist).

Thanks everyone for coming down and showing your support, it means so much to me………
next stop is Art Melbourne ’07 and then Design Festa in Japan!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DB says:

    So damn good!! おめでとう!

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Thanks buddy, see you in May, ne!

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