::Little Big Brother::

Scott and Tomoko::

I love keeping happy secrets! … but only when I know I can tell them eventually!

My little brother came over for 10 days a couple of weeks ago and I was the only one to know he was coming. We managed to scare the bejezus out of our mother outside the gallery the day he arrived. I think partly due to his highly funkified state, hat, sunglasses, nice choice of denim even his own mother didn’t recognize him until he was right in her face. Twas excellent fun!

I noticed something about my bro this time that I really liked. I noticed that he lives for fun, that he is as nerdy as I am about trivia and that he doesn’t really waste time holding grudges or complaining about peeps, but I didn’t notice these things because they were things he used to do, far from it, I think I just looked at him from some obtuse angle that allowed me to see more of who he is.

In turn I realized that this is my best explanation of ‘Reverse Culture Shock’ I have to date, you return seeing the world from angles whose vantage points you have not previously peeked from. A different reality, like seeing your hometown on TV, or hearing your voice on the radio. This can be both a blessing and a curse. (eg: Blessing: prior to living overseas I never noticed how wonderful the sky in Melbourne is and how quickly it can change in one day, now it makes my heart sing. Curse: prior to living overseas I tolerated ‘The Footy Show’ now, it makes physically ill). Anyway you get the picture.

He may be eternally crap at returning emails and he works the hours of a salaryman but he is all there when you need him and for that I am always grateful.
Ganbarre Little Big Brother!!! I miss you and your Tomochan!


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