::The Field of Play is now the whole world::

Field of Play::

On Tuesday night I went to the opening of Noodleboy’s new work, ‘Field of Play’. As part of a selection of urban art being created down at Digital Harbour at the Docklands in Melbourne. ::Field of Play:: is a game that can be played both on site and online. This is not some giant public chessboard with parts missing… this is totally cool! First of the all the iconography is not immediately recognizable and also you don’t necessarily have to know the rules to play but, most of all, you can play from anywhere in the world at all.
All you need is an internet connection, computer, mobile phone then head to this address: http://fieldofplay.net/play-here/
Choose from a selection of three characters in orange, green and blue.

Field of Play::

Here is a blurb from the handout:
“The line between the virtual and the real is no longer clear. We now live in a mixed reality of ubiquitous media that is embedded in the world around us. This is reflected in recent developments in gaming that situate play within urban spaces using mobile phones or take a crossmedia approach that blends online, public and mobile spaces.”

So far I am around 5th on the leader board… come on, let’s play!

Field of Play::

digitalharbour.com.au | fieldofplay.net


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