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Portland Mercury

Well, well, well… who’s lovely illo is that on the Portland Mercury you ask?
Well, it’s mine! A recent illo I did “Umeboshi Otaku” was chosen some weeks back… oh happy days!
So cool, so happy… now I wonder if the “Melbourne Weekly” might be interested?

… in other news I have three new works on show at Art Melbourne 07 at the Pharos Editions stand this weekend so if you’re in the neighborhood head on down and take a peek.


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  1. Surfer Girl says:

    Senpai!!!! Yeah!!! I am so proud of you!!! I wish I were there and cooked some Japanese as Omedetou dinner for you and everyone! wow….I am so happy….I am almost crying because I know you works really hard by yourself…oops with fat cat sometime…Does Shienna chan still try to sit at your chair???? Say Chotto Anta–!!!!

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Uwa! so fast surfer girl… did you catch a wave in to shore or something? Thanks so much! I am so happy too, I hope peeps will get into my work in Japan too! Sienna is always trying to sit on my chair, mostly when I am in it, she has this new trick where she knocks off all my pens with her paw… “Chotto anta” is a very useful saying in such circumstances!

  3. arumanda says:

    good for you. omedetou and ganbatte!

  4. martine says:

    so who’s a clever girl then?

    it’s friday night, we just had a nomi/tabehodai at the new-ish Moskow standing bar so, ahem, I’m kinda drunk. actually, make that very very drunk. and desperately neededly so. um, is that even english?

    regardless, I’m very proud of the artist who made the image covering the Portland Mercury right now.

    ran into a whole room of my old high school students who are now uni students and drinking at nomi-tabehodai events despite being underage. go kids. i walked in to use the bathroom on the middle level of the 3 floor joint, and the whole room erupted into chaos. it made me feel like a star, love it.

    when are you here?

  5. innocentgirl says:

    Arumanda – arigatou….anata mo!!! Welcome to Auntyhood!

    Martine – Thanks sweet drunken Marty….. I am here/there 17th of May, can’t wait. Ah, Poppa and I still dream of the days when peeps used think we were stars, live it up ’cause it aint gonna be there if you leave. Ah, dem were the days….(sigh)

  6. Hey innocent one! Congratulations! The piece is really great, and it totally deserves to be on the cover like that! Gorgeous color and great composition.

    I just realized that we’re using the same theme for our blogs. Copycat. Off to the islands of the inland sea for me, as Golden week starts.

  7. innocentgirl says:

    Cut-paper Ninja – so desu ne! Well they say great minds think alike. Have an excellent holiday.

  8. spasounds says:

    Hi Lovely one – Are you in sunny Japan? Hope your having fun
    wish you all the best
    Off travelling again but will try and get Carlie and myself over to Japan … or Melbourne.
    Lovely to see you in Melbourne should do it more often

  9. dp says:

    This site has really good insights and the pieces are put together in a very accessible and eye-catching way. Nice job. Lately, superflat work and its variants thereof seem to be popping up everywhere I go in NYC and in print media. I love it; it’s a bang, but it’s wild so few people in the art world here are picking up on here as something serious. Thanks, dp

  10. innocentgirl says:

    dp – thanks for the comments…. totally agree, suppose you only really notice an artmovement when it gains tsunami like proportions and by the time you’ve named it the next wave is coming in. Would love to show in NYC before the tide goes out again!

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