::Hello Kitty::

Curious Neko::

Big eyes and wittle mouths make for cuteness::

Hellllloo Kitties!::
Tadaima! Once again I am back to the future, living in the land of Japan for four whole weeks! It is so incredibly familiar yet so incredibly different….. I love it.

I am staying in my old hometown of Chiba once again with my friend Yoshiko (aceness personified). Her Dad loves cats and has taken to feeding all the homeless kitties around town. I have counted no less than seven kittens and four adult cats on their balcony all jumping and playing as kitties are want to do. So cute!
I have been opening the door and grabbing random cuties to squash at intervals during the day and they all mew so pitifully that I have to hand them back.
In other news…
I have added a shop to my site and reconfigured the other pages to hopefully make them more user friendly, if you get a chance to stop on by www.otoshimono.org then play around and let me know what you think.

Watch this space as I will blog as much as is humanly possible during my stay here …. go Nippon!


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