::Back to the Future::

hisashiburi Puppuru Chan!::

the boys::

the girls::

minna san::

Ah, some things never change. Or do they?

Spent the weekend partying at Joint bar, drank way to much, slept not enough, standard fare for a weekend in Chiba. The pictures are of Sipmoc playing a one-off gig for friends (they have actually split up) and the morning after.

I am trying to get a hold of this feeling that I have, I can’t seem to comprehend it myself let alone explain it to others. But possibly its the narration in my own head which is now no longer in sync with the one I was living in, in Australia, before I came back to Japan. Too familiar and yet totally different, I think possibly it is me that has changed. The same feelings washed over me on my return to Australia, so familiar yet so different….. selective perception is a powerful thing.

As I write this I am sitting in my friends apartment, ground floor, outside children are playing and shouting, the dynamics of their relationships are so intriguing to me. Their Japanese is very easy to understand as it is casual slang, my favourite kind of Japanese as I know it so well. Their is a kinder boy who’s shorts are so incredibly short his legs look like a newborn foals, long, knobbly and skinny. The sun is slowly setting and its starting to get chilly after a beautiful day.
For some reason I am melancholy but I think its just the come down from a crazy weekend and the crazy hours I was working before, every time I stop to think that darn melancholy sets in….Note to self: change the default setting on my self narration.


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