::Beach Iku Yo!::


Spent the last couple of days at Tateyama, a couple of hours drive from Chiba on the edge of Tokyo Bay. Went down with my good friends Kumi, Onnoman, Yuriwa and Teshi to have a seafood lunch and a stay at a Ryokan with a room facing the ocean. The weather was perfect, it’s not to humid here yet, nevertheless I still have issues with sitting on black sand amongst rubbish on a beach.
However this was more than made up for by the company who made me laugh so hard I still ache from it. Kumi is a singer and teaches voice training to several students in Tokyo, she often travels with them, recently returning from Hawaii. These students are all in their late 50’s or early 60’s and are “Okane Mochi” (loaded) so they love to travel and enjoy themselves. This is something I noticed about alot of Japanese people, they never give up learning new things, age is no barrier for dreams. We sang and laughed in a Karaoke room until the early hours of the morning and then continued in our rooms upstairs, that is until the front desk called and told us their had been complaints about the noise level!
I have uploaded lots of new photos on my Flickr page… check it out!
Well, must get back to Design Festa preparations, much to do!


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