::Happy Birthday to Me and Sand Mandala’s::

Note : This is kinda one of those “You had to be there” posts.
Cool toys in the UFO Catcher::

Yay! Yesterday was my Birthday. There were many times when I was little when I often wondered what I would be doing and who I would have become when I was THIS old… if I could go back and tell me little self now I really don’t think I would have believed it. Or then again maybe my little self would, maybe it’s just my big self that doubts it.
In the morning I took some Birthday purikura with Arare and wandered towards the station to head into Tokyo.
I spent the afternoon wandering Daikanyama again and visited Gallery Le le, of course I stopped by my favourite coffee van to chat with Watanabe and get the best coffee in Tokyo. Later I headed off to an exhibition opening with my new found acquaintance, Shizu-san, she works for the Awagami paper factory here in Japan and is in charge of finding new artists who use their products. My brilliant printer Brian led me to her and she is truly lovely. We went to a small suburb of Tokyo close to Ogikubo Station, to a gallery called Youkobo and spent the early part of the evening chatting to the artists who have just completed residencies there and others that will be showing there very soon.

The conversation ranged from Tibetan Sand Mandala’s to the strange world that is the Tokyo art scene. I had to leave early as I had to meet Kumi at Shimbashi to take me back to Chiba for a Birthday party at Joint… I made a mad dash for the Yamanote sen and made it just in time, Chibiko came along too.

Julie and Shizu san::

We got to Joint Bar around 10.30 pm and I was handed far too many wonderful presents by far too many wonderful friends and given far too many potent drinks. DJ Kumi, DJ Yasu and DJ Jumbo are the reason my body aches today… powered by the alcohol and good company meant I truly believed I could get away with dancing for 6 straight hours.
Kenji once again entertained us with his use of props and general child like enthusiasm towards all of us off our nuts and ready to play along.
The party ended with 5 am Ramen on Kumi’s request. For some insane reason the sun here rises around 4 am, this made me feel and probably look vampirish as we all poured out of the ramen shop at 5.30 and started to make our way home.
Jun and Kenji were still closing up Joint Bar when they shouted out to us that one of the cats (homeless kitties adopted by Jun) had just had a kitten. We all rushed to see it but were fended off by Kenji and rightly so… I wouldn’t want seven drunk strangers staring at me when I was only a minute old.
I did sneak a look when I picked up my bike this morning though. Four little kittens!!!

Four little kittens::

Another year older, an exhibition opening, new friends made, candles to blow out, ramen to eat, four kittens are born, someone wants to be added to my myspace, the guy in the booth next to me is snoring, I’ve added new photos to flickr and another sand mandala has been constructed and destroyed.
Little me is happy with big me.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaime says:

    Hi Andrea,

    we met briefly at Youkobo, talked about mandalas, innocent British people and things (that was a really good conversation, come to think of it).

    I like your site, and your sketchwork. I can see now just how much you took from the Japanese experience. I’d be interested to hear what Japanese people think of your work, though: an outsider’s perspective so to speak.

    Would like to see the work directly some time. Do you plan to have any more shows in Japan?

    Here’s my contact details anyway. Tel: 090 1943 5670


    Enjoy the rest of your time in Yokyo


  2. arumanda says:

    happy birthday. glad you had a great time and that little you is happy with big you. i often think of my life in those terms.

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Jaime –
    good to meet you too! Thanks for the chat… twas interesting wasn`t it. Will send you an email very very soon.
    amanda – thanks darling….. little me and little you are important people, ne!

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