::Fantasia Festival and Dr. Sketchy::

Fantasia Festival Art 2007::

Was at Tequp last night and doing a bit of surfing with my nerdy buddies (hence the previous ‘Hard Gay’ post) and thought I’d check to see if one of “the best jobs I have ever, ever had the pleasure of being invited to do” was online yet and yes, yes, yes, it was! Check it out here.
I was invited to do an image for the Fantasia Festival in late March early April and to be honest I couldn’t really say it was work, it was my absolute pleasure, my research involved looking back on past festival posters and movies and drawing, drawing, drawing. If only all my jobs could be this wonderfully fulfilling!

“Fantasia Festival (Fantasia-fest, FanTasia, Fant-Asia) is North America’s premiere (and largest) genre film festival.[citation needed] It usually takes place in the month of July, in the city of Montreal. It is a place where distributors come to pick up genre films from around the world for North American release, and where fans come from all over North America to see films that normally would not even be screened on the Art House or repertory circuit for fear of low turnout” Wikipedia

I am actually extremely tempted to head on over there….. should !? (Takes magic eight ball key ring from pocket and shakes…..)…..

Then later on last night I decided to head over to South Melbourne to check out ‘Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School’. Strangely enough I had heard about this while in Tokyo after randomly meeting an old high school friend of mine … but don’t get me started on coincidences again…. suffice to say I was not disappointed.
Dr. Sketchy began in New York and probably the best way to describe it is like a life drawing class with personality. The models at Melbourne’s classes are generally from burlesque troupes, and they are not naked, they wear some FABULOUS costumes! the model we had, had some pretty awesome tattoos, including some cute as a button bows around her ankles.

Dr. Sketchy Melbourne::

It’s all very decadent and so much fun! I forgot how lovely it was to draw from real life and under the pressure of time. The model decided for the second half of the session that she would choose her next tattoo from our sketches and/or there would also be a First Prize (her garter), Second Prize (‘Cry Baby’ DVD starring Johnny Depp) and Third Prize (Plastic Medal), which she would choose at the end of the session.
Much pressure filled scritching of pencils later and the model stood up, stretched and began floating around us looking at our work (she was wearing platforms, she seriously floated). Although I seriously coveted the Johnny Depp DVD I was ecstatic when she chose my work for her next tattoo. Sweet!

Ahhh! Me be happy.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Adrian Hogan says:

    Oh wow, that looks like it would make for some fun gesture drawing!

    The floating characters in the poster are very cool. I think they have tons of appeal.

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Adrian – Yeah, if you get a chance I totally recommend Dr. Sketchy! Thanks for the comment on my poster, the client loved those dudes too. Just checked your blog, love your work… I mean it, very very nice. I studied at Monash, Caulfield too!

  3. Sandi says:

    Man, I need class like this. Haven’t done life-drawing in ages (and my drawing sucks now). Burlesque girls could definitely get me back in.

  4. innocentgirl says:

    Sandi – It’s essential, I found my style got real frustratingly tight… and I don’t care who you are there’s nothing like a hot chic in fishnets with full body tattoos to loosen you up!

  5. Adrian Hogan says:

    Ohh, thank you! It’s great to see that there are Monash Caulfieldians out there creating awesome work! Tonight I went life drawing at Brunswick St Art Gallery and saw a few of your pieces there, I thought that the quality of the prints were amazing. The colours appear more vibrant than they do on the computer screen!

  6. innocentgirl says:

    Adrian – Hey thanks so much! Your right my work looks much better in person…. my printer is a genius too!

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