::How to feel miserable as an artist::

How to feel miserable as an artist::

Thanks Jeebuz for peeps like Keri Smith.

Through some utterly random surfing I found her site and (kaching) JACKPOT!… for artists and freelancers anywhere. You don’t just have to be a visual artist to get this one, musicians, photographers … anybody really. Keri has some great advice and ideas on her site and some awesome looking books which are now on my wishlist at Amazon…. (hint hint).
Now I’m off to draw in my journal.


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  1. I love your work! I just wanted you to know that if you’d ever like to be in the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art show we’re having in October, you’d totally be in


  2. innocentgirl says:

    Dear Molly,
    Thank you so much! I’d love to, I only just discovered Dr. Sketchy’s a month ago but will definitely be sending in some pieces. I totally dig the entire concept of Dr. Sketchy’s and will be doing all I can to get the word out about it.

  3. yonghow says:

    I think point number 1 is something all creative artists experience one time or another, which can be good or bad actually.

  4. innocentgirl says:

    I totally agree, the inspiration you get from others can be so great, but you can’t compare or choose to create works based on them alone, it needs to come something inside you as well.

  5. Sigsy says:

    That could be a mantra for life.

    I love it.

    I am reading your Blog and wish to devote a bit more time.

    But now I need to go get my legs waxed.

    And buy some tabi shoes.

    Or pink Vans.

    And 1000 yen sunglasses.

    And August’s Vogue.

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