Apparently there are alot of people getting married on this day, it being the 7th of the 7th month, 2007. Why? I was unaware that luck had anything to do with marriage…? It seems to have alot more to do with caring for another person, working hard at not getting bored with each other, being considerate, thoughtful, compromising, stuff like that but then that’s just me I guess.

On a less sarcastic note.. today is Tanabata! Yay! I love this festival,it means the days are going to start to get really warm (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) and you work a lot less… it’s also wonderfully sad and romantic… ahhhh. And if you haven’t already seen it above is my illustration based on the story.

And now…..

Tekkon Kinkreet_ White and Black::

There is alot of cool stuff on offer in the way of animation at the moment, one of them being Tekkon Kinkreet. Once more I discovered these guys while working on the Fantasia Film Festival but was reminded about it when my the dude living my dream in Tokyo blogged about the release of the DVD in Japan just the other day.
Tekkon Kinkreet (see trailer here) is based on the original artwork and story by Taiyo Matsumoto in a manga released in 1993.

Tekkon Kinkreet Poster::

“When I saw [the manga] about 12 years ago, I just thought ‘this is it!’. A kid standing on a telephone pole and looking down at the whole city in the wind like that… there was nothing else like it. Even now, animation is basically for kids and families, but I always wanted to make an animation adults can enjoy, and Tekkon Kinkreet had that feeling to attract adults.” Eiko Tanaka, Studio 4°C.

Once again I have no idea when/if this awesome animation will be shown here in Melboure (as it looks like definitely one for the big screen) but I will try very hard at finding out!

Enjoy it Orihime and Hikoboshi ’cause it’ll be long time between drinks from tomorrow!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. innocentgirl says:

    That’s the thing I did make the same decision, just doesn’t include the romance I expected. That’s what you get for believing in Fairy Tales!

  2. Sandi says:

    I am sad that I’ve just now started reading your blog and seeing your amazing illustrations, and you are not in Japan anymore. We totally could’ve hung out. Sigh. I seem to know many musicians, but not many artists. That’s been pretty typical of my life, tho. Ah, well, at least I have Martine.

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Sandi – SO DO I! And all I know are musicians in Japan as well! (why is that?)Here I have been secretly reading your blog, and perusing your Flickr photos, thinking this girl is singing my song… thinking if only I had known you before, we coulda had such fun.. etc, etc. Let me just say you are a hero of mine doing Tokyo with kids… most of my friends here won’t even leave the house now they have procreated! (sigh).
    Yes you have Martine, don’t take her for granted … she’s a gem. And you have my blog … and my daily threat to my husband that I am getting on a plane to Japan and will most like never come back…..

  4. d says:

    stuff your friends know about you … go on!!

  5. innocentgirl says:

    d – it’s done.

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