Arare and the Opera House::

Just spent the last 5 days in The Emerald City, the winter is alot more bearable there than the chilly landing encountered here in Melbourne tonight. Went for some business and also caught up with old friends.
Sydney seems so much more Australian to me (whatever the hell that means?), the flora and fauna tend to be more on the exotic side. I heard Kookaburra’s in the park across the road and saw alot more leaves on trees in winter. Saw quite a few abodes adorned with the Australian flag as well.

Heading up George Street to Chinatown one day found me neck deep in Emo’s (trust me to go out during School Holidays) was a tad scary, a sea of red and black stripes, pasty faces and eyeliner, I felt like I was on the set of a Tim Burton film.

I managed to find Kinokuniya bookstore on the weekend and was in heaven! Japanese books and mags for as far as the eye can see… kid in a candy store = me. I managed to find Dr. Slump manga in English, craft mags, and my favourite find… Umezu’s “Orochi Blood”. Apart from some wandering around The Rocks and a lazy day in the winter sun on Sunday that was about as far as I got sightseeing, the rest of the time was spent catching up with friends, one of whom runs an organic produce store/cafe, and sketching as much as my little hand could sketch.
Have uploaded more on my Flickr page too!

Arare and I marvel at the coathanger::


3 Comments Add yours

  1. yonghow says:

    There’s a Kinokuniya in Sydney ? Very nice. :]

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Yeah, so good, I spent around 4 hours in there!

  3. nani says:

    hai, yonghow recommends your blog.
    btw, i will going to melbourne next year…=D
    Great blog…

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