::Dr. Sketchy Melbourne, Take Two::

Miss Nic::

Chikita Margarita::

Headed on down to ACMI today to see Tekkon Kinkreet, absolutely, breathtakingly, fantastically, awesomely good! I found myself a cozy little seat next to the most otaku looking dude I could find, turned off my phone and breathed in the musty smell of serious movie goers in a Melbourne winter. The two women next to me were discussing their schedule, they had seen two films and were off to three more after this one. I can only imagine the distorted sense of reality they would be walking around in later that evening.

Chikita Margarita::

Anyway on to what the topic the title of this entry suggests, I attended my second Dr. Sketchy a couple of weeks ago and found it just as awesome as the last. I feel right at home drawing to lounge and rock music and loved the casual banter of the model ‘Chikita Margarita’ this time, she was hilarious. The pics above are of her and a sketch for a new piece I am working on from the last session of ‘Miss Nic’ for her new tattoo.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. blauereiter says:

    Glad you finally got to watch Tekkon ! Awesome !

  2. missnic says:

    hey darlin!! i finally found you!! im eagerly awaiting the finished product so i can go and get this tattooed on me ::)

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