::Lost and Found Item 1 : ‘Wanderlust’::

wanderlust; lost and found item 1::

On the 25th of July last year, I wept for five hours on a plane back from Japan, the poor man next to me was forced to listen to my muffled sobs as I returned back to my home town after three years of living in the future. Why did I sob? Wish I could give a definitive answer but I am positive it would not make interesting reading and would be too self indulgent, even for me, to delve into. Rest assured though I don’t outwardly sob anymore, but am definitely always on the lookout for a new adventure…
One such adventure is now beginning to take shape, don’t quite know where it is leading yet but Melbourne is a great place for brewing stuff, for nesting, for hiding in caves and getting busy making stuff, there are some truly awesome things happening here and one is about to come up soon like The Melbourne Writers Festival…there are also several others but will keep them for another post.

Sim and Owen::

So what brought all this on?

Two things contributed to my recent itchy feet, both are featured above : The first is a picture I found while heading back from a shopping expedition at the Victoria Markets, she was just laying there on the ground peeking out with her owl eyes to a horizon of her own invention, so I named her ‘Wanderlust’. Be happy to pass her on to her original owner if anyone knows who that might be BTW.
The second was, Owen and Sim, my partners in crime during my 3 years in Japan. Now married and living in the UK they set out this European summer for Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand and tales of their travels got me searching websites for cheap tickets all of Saturday morning … escape was on my mind.

And with the media screaming about the lack of housing affordability and the median price for a first home at $420,000 here in Melbourne, there is even less incentive to curb the wanderlust I just can’t seem to shake.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sigsy says:

    Love the picture!

    And many congratulations on the marketing deal.


    your fan!

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Sigsy – thank you so much, if/when I make it real big I am paying you to do my PR and marketing! You’re the real deal darlin!

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