::Japanese version of Mexican Wave::

Apparently it was around 40 degrees in Tokyo yesterday… what do you do when you are stuck in a tiny aparto sweltering away on a day like that? Head on down to the local pool of course!
I do remember having to adjust alot to the lack of personal space available to me at times while living in Japan, but this is just ridiculous… and more than a little ewww!


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  1. Sigsy says:

    WOW that is an incredible video.

    So, yes it is an inbelievably hot summer here in tokkers. With the reflection off of the concrete, it is in the 40s during the day. It’s quite something. Today is hot too, but we are not doing anything special. Just sitting around. By the way – she’s up. Has been for a week now! Has brough a new mood and atmosphere to the house. Will post her on Flickr today. Hope the framing is OK.

    Lots of love And Tokyoness


  2. innocentgirl says:

    Isn’t it!

    Yay! Glad to hear she is up and enjoying space… hopefully she won’t melt in the heat!;-) I checked your flickr and she look wonderful and very happy… which makes me happy!

    Lots of Love and sending some Melbourne chilliness your way,

  3. arumanda says:

    i’m not at all coping in this heat. i’ve never experienced anything like it and it’s zapped all the life right out of me. yikes. pray for me and the others like me. people are dying. bad bad news. scary video.

  4. innocentgirl says:

    Arumanda – I’ve heard, glad I wasn’t there to experience that. I remember those sweaty days biking home from school, it seems I was melting and the dirt and pollution was melting into every pore of my body. Hard to believe but it is around 5 degrees here tonight.

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