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Covered Moleskine::

Ume Otaku Purse::

Just a quick note to let you know about my new Etsy shop and cards available at Redbubble.
Both are up and running and I will be adding more and more items and images as the weeks go by…. feel free to make requests!

Also some weeks ago I was featured on one of my favouritest sites in the whole wide world www.startdrawing.org, this site focuses on the work of asian artists and artists inspired by asia… I then recommended to them my friend Mikish, previously blogged here, and she got a plug too! Please take the time to sift through the posts on this site, there are some incredible works and the diversity of style is also a plus. (This may sound sad but I often spend my lunch time doing just that).

Oh and a couple of weeks back I was also featured in ‘Melbourne Living’ Magazine, see pic.

Melbourne Living Magazine::


7 Comments Add yours

  1. blauereiter says:

    Hey, no worries, I spend lots of time on startdrawing.org too. Its a great place to discover fantastic works. :]

  2. innocentgirl says:

    blauereiter – Isn’t it!!! Hope Tokes is getting a little cooler for you now… been checking your site, sounds like you’ve been busy! (did you get ‘blauereiter’ from Klandinsky? love that work!)

  3. arumanda says:

    congratulations. that’s all very exciting news for you.
    it’s a bit of a shame that melbourne living left out the ‘l’ for pickled plums because i think doesn’t make as much sense as it could have had, but the publicity and attention you’ll be receiving nevertheless is really wonderful. good for you.

  4. innocentgirl says:

    Thanks Arumanda! da sho! baka desu ne… (sigh). You have been living in Japan a long time my dear and your knowledge of these things goes way beyond the general population, people still say karaoke (Carrie Oki), like it some chics name or something, so they would know a pickled plum if it bit them on the…… anyway I digress. Come to think of it all the more reason to spell it right then!!!
    Oh, it is so very difficult for me not to bite the hand that feeds my dear 😉

  5. ev says:


    we should catch up very soon.
    give me a msg or email when you wanna meet?
    this week is good for me.

  6. innocentgirl says:

    Thanks Ev! I just sent you an email…. can’t wait to hear all your travel stories!

  7. Rersarric says:

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great site. Do you feel a vested interest in my pleasurable dessert I have a nice joke for you) Where does satisfaction come from? A satisfactory.

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