::A little birdy told me… he liked my stuff!::

Jacky Winter::

Yatta! (exclamation of happiness and excitement in Japanese). I have representation! Hopefully this will mean less time spent on marketing and more time doing what really matters… creating images!

The agency is called “The Jacky Winter Group” and it is run by a truly awesome fellow called Jeremy Wortsman. I took a shine to him straight away, he has a way with words you see… and design I must add, the Jacky Winter Field Guide is a truly lovely book (and I’m not just saying that ’cause my Dad organized the printing;-)).

Check out all the specs on Jeremy here and have a browse through the other illustrators of awesomeness here.

In other news, I have put some works up at Ume Nomiya, some new, some not so new, if you are in the Fitzroy area head on down Gertrude St and get your fill of edamame and Asahi beer, and have a chat to the lovely Fiona, she’s a great conversationalist, as bar tenders are want to be…. unlike illustrators;-)
Oh and have a great weekend!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mawargiliair says:

    sooo very happy for you my clever girl! congratulations. I await to see your beautiful work all over the art/advertising/print world, as it should be.

  2. mawargiliair says:

    oops, working on another site at the moment so that last comment is from Martine…. not Mawargiliair…..

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Martine (a.k.a. mawargiliair) – way to have a weird name girl? I kinda guessed who it was though… thanks for the power up! Will work hard at making my Aunty proud!

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