::I love you too Kermit::

Cookie Monster A,B,C’s

Jim Henson was a genius. I remember this little clip from my many hours watching Sesame Street as a child, it used to make me laugh then, it still does, but now that laughter comes added with warm fuzziness too. Jim Henson characters melt my heart.

I actually found this little clip on one of my favourite illustrators blog, someone whom I have been following for some years now, PlastiqueMonkey, with work by Yuka Yamaguchi. It is not very often you get to see such interesting and original works and I suspect it is because she is self taught and as she says she “…recently started telling people she was an artist..”. Here is a taste ….
there you are!:: by Yuka Yamaguchi

by Yuka Yamaguchi

by Yuka Yamaguchi


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