::Buttons, Burlesque and Bikes::

I poked my little legs out of my hermit shell this week and scurried out into the big, wide-world for a little ‘socialization’. Last Wednesday night I headed down to the launch of a new magazine called “A cloth-covered button” to which I had contributed some illos to (see pic) created by Gillian Terzis and Jessica Friedman (see pic). With art direction by Caroline McCurdy.
While studying fashion design at RMIT I had often fantasized about doing just as they have done and so whole-heartedly support their little venture. With topics like “Fashion, art and rock’n’roll”, “Hipster politics, terrorist style” and “Valorising Vintage” it makes for a very interesting and dare I say it ‘intelligent’ read on all things fashion.
Soon to be available at Metropolis Bookshop and Alice Euphemia.

A cloth-covered button::

A cloth-covered button launch at HorseBazaar::

Here is part of their ‘schmeditorial’:
“Gill : Well, if Mischa Barton is wearing yellow, you can bet your bottom dollar that the glossies will unanimously declare the “yellow is so hot right now”. You see, we don’t feel it’s necessary to dictate the ‘rules’ of sartorial style to our readers – if such a concept exists. For whatever reason, intelligent discussion and debate surrounding fashion cycles and identities seems severely lacking in mainstream magazine circles, so we’ve come with the goods to fill that niche and then some. We’ve enlisted some of Melbourne’s best emerging talent in the form of wunderkind writers, graphic designers, artists and photographers to join our brigade.”

“Jess: Indeed. At its heart, it’s also a celebration of clothes – beautiful, maddening, identity-flagging scraps of fabric that capture our hearts and our wallets. Clothes, and our complex, nostalgic, politicised relationship with them. This magazine is a love letter to the intoxicating power of fashion – a god whose hours of meticulous stitching and fretting should be rewarded with equally thoughtful debate”.

Red Door Burlesque::

Sunday night I then headed down with some of my bestest buddies to “Red Door Burlesque” for some good old-fashioned live entertainment at The Order of Melbourne. I can only imagine how hard it must be for these performers to get a rise out of an audience which may be somewhat jaded by the availability of 24 hour internet porn and dirty mags, lets face it as much as Howard would like it to be we aren’t living in the 1950’s anymore.
However some of them were more than able to pull it off, literally!;-)
With the girls from ‘High-ball Burlesque’, Ms Rocket on the trapeze (see pic), Miss Nic and a poker faced Matthew Loudon on aerial cord lisse it was a fun night out, this coming Sunday is the last weekend for Red-door Burlesque at The Order of Melbourne and I highly recommend it, the chef at The Order was celebrating her Birthday the night we were there so we were also treated to the comic stylings of Tina and Twist…. will definitely be seeking them out at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, hilarity ensued!

Ms. Rocket on the trapeze::

There is also a Grand Final Footy Feast with free BBQ and dogs from 2pm this coming Saturday, I will personally be avoiding any hint of ‘footy fever’ like the plague but each to there own.

More than likely if the weather is fine I will be heading out on my childhood friend, “Kylie”, my 1982 Malvern Star dragster, recently hotted up by a very helpful J ‘Knifey’ from ‘Hellbourne Choppers’. She has one gear, back brakes and tendency to mono if I pedal too hard uphill, but apart from that she is a sweet, sweet cruise and on a particularly nice, sunny day I can pretend she is a Vespa and I am coasting the streets of Italy…(thank god for imagination).

Me and my childhood friend::


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  1. mawargiliair says:

    this is martine (not mawargiliair) and I think you look perfectly outfitted for riding the streets of Italy on a vespa, my darlink.

  2. innocentgirl says:

    uwa, Marty! what a lovely thing to say!

  3. blauereiter says:

    Very nice bicycle ! :]

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