::Illustration Renaissance::

I love you but it’s complicated:: Andrea Innocent, 2007
Detail from ::I love you, but it’s complicated::

Muwa ha ha! I love it when I’m right……

“What is it with contemporary illustration? It just won’t follow form. Illustration was never meant to be this cool, this sought after, this in vogue. But it is. After a decade climbing the ranks following a period as underdog, illustration now sits as top dog.”
……if you want to read more, and I know you do! It’s here : Illustration Renaissance article on Computer Arts.co.uk.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. littlebirth says:

    so cute

  2. thaiggy says:

    This is adorable! I like how you sublty added depth with the little bit of dark red!!

  3. dannyplan says:

    Very cool color scheme and line form, I love it.

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