::Note to self : take less notes::

Atticus by Thylacine Graphics::

Selection of Goodies sent to me by Johnny Siu::

For anyone who knows me well I am an avid notetaker from way back, in fact some years back I found a note I had written when I was around 10 or so listing, in order of priority, what needed to be done on Christmas morning eg: open presents, wash hair, eat breakfast, put hair in rollers, etc, etc. As I read it I was giggling happily at my own ‘naivity and cuteness’ and then had one of those alarming shifts in perception and that ‘naivity and cuteness soon became ‘anal and uptight’…. thats when I put it back in the box I had found it in, closed the lid and was lost in contemplative, narcissistic thoughts for the rest of the day.
Nevertheless, I digress, I take notes, obscence amounts of notes. I have a notebook that is an A4 spiral book with sticky notes used as tags to the different ‘note subjects’ …. eg: things to do, website updates to do, client lists, etc (this book is completely seperate from a diary which also has notes…if not slightly more immediate ones.
Then there is the ‘idea’ notebook, full of thumbnail sketches, random quotes, hastily scribbled compostitions, lyrics of songs … anything that will recall the ‘idea’ back to me. I am currently blessed with so many ideas I don’t have time to complete them all, but am aware this will not last. This one is great for a rainy day… also very good for keeping the contiuity in my work and get an overview of what I am actually trying to say… if anything?
This week I have found the notes so entirely overwhelming that I have decided to randomly choose from my ‘to do’ list and not stop until I am done….. this has meant no time for blog posting (even though that is often a note in my diary) … I think what made me lose it completely was when I realized I had actually written a note in my diary saying ‘organize and rewrite all notes’ !?!
It’s a sickness…

Now to the topic at hand….. I received a beautiful package of goodies from an online buddy I met via my Flickr account. Johnny Siu is an artist/illustrator living in San Francisco. His sketches in particular are just wonderful… the linework is so sensitive. His fascination with thylacines, I have yet to enquire about how that came about, is particularly intriquing. He sent his recent publication ‘Melancholy’ which I saved up until coffee break time to sit and absorb in all its loveliness, as well as a beautiful sketch of his ‘Atticus’, a fridge magnet and some other smaller prints that I will now spend my spare time framing up and adorning my picture rails with.
Must make a note of that…..;-)

Note taking madness by innocentgirl


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