::Ready, Set….. Design!::

Sydney, 2007

::Me in the green room waiting to go on, Oat Montien to my left, Michael Birchall to my right, Daryl Prondoso walking through and Dave Follet’s knee. Photo courtesy of Cut and Paste::

Last weekend I headed up the Emerald City to participate in Cut and Paste. It was a weekend of intense nerves that had me wired as well as enormous fun and happiness at meeting some extremely talented and beautiful people….. such as:
Matt Huynh – winner
Morten Rowley – finalist
Haline Ly – semi-finalist
Daryl Prondoso – Audience winner
Dave Follett
Michael Birchall
Oat Montien

The best bit, I won myself an awesome new Wacom® Intuos3 9″X12″ Tablet, just the piece of hardware I need for making some nice, new, happy pictures!
Thanks Cut and Paste and thanks Sydney friends for the couch!

I will be stepping back for a bit from the blogging in the coming weeks but that’s not to say less will be posted, instead I am going to let Arare chan do the talking since she has more authority on the subjects coming up, she’s tugging at my sleeve now in anticipation!
Until then … bye cha!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on the tablet! It’s the same as mine. 🙂 Very nice to work with. It even comes with different types of nibs!


  2. Catherine says:

    hehe this is a cute photo

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Joe – Yeah, I’ve already got one but hey I’ll take it! Spring is good.

    Catherine – thanks sweetness!

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