::Autumn makes me feel dreamy::

Ncha! Arare again….
Autumn in Tokyo is making me feel very dreamy… have uploaded more pics to flickr and here’s the rundown on the past few days:

Arare watches the Sipmoc gig::

Thursday 29th : Quite a boring day for me really as innocentgirl insisted on drawing and wandering Shimokitazawa for most of the day. I stayed in my futon and kept warm…. I wish she’d buy me some pants! Oshiri wa samui yo!!!

Friday 30th/ Saturday 1st Dec : Little brother, his friend Nicos, innocentgirl and I head on down to Yokohama after dinner. We walk and walk for what seems like an eternity, or at least they do, trying to find the place where Sipmoc will be playing their gig. Finally they realize we have been wandering the street that runs parallel to the one we actually need to be in, jeebuz! Anyhow we step inside and find a nice little corner to hide in and wait for the band to come in. Kumi, Akkun, Yuriwa, Isamu arrive and finally I get to see my best friend ‘Hime’ again… yay! We danced and danced!
After the gig I was hanging out on one of the tables when this dude with a fro grabbed me and took me to the dance floor…. it was crazy fun! innocentgirl freaked out when she couldn’t find me though and ran around looking for me…. so funny!
By the time we crawled up the stairs to the street above it was getting light so we went for a breakfast at Denny’s and then hopped on the morning train home. innocentgirl and little brother had a surprisingly lucid conversation all the way home but I mostly nodded off… then we climbed into our futons and slept till after lunch.

little brother with arare::

innocentgirl slept like a log, the kinda sleep that leaves wrinkles on your skin, so when we peeled ourselves off the futons we all had showers and got ready to head on in to Shinjuku to a bar where Martine has an exhibition at the moment. It’s really big compared to most of the bars in the Golden Gai and you can even get meat pies and vegemite on toast. It’s called Araku.
I had an Asahi with the barman while little brother, Martine and innocentgirl chatted ’bout stuff.
Little brother went home but we went to Kichijoji with Martine to stay the night. I’ve stayed there before it’s a really big old house with a backyard even… she has a turtle too but I couldn’t play with her ’cause the cold gets her down so much that she practically stops moving altogether… man how boring.

Fro dude dancin’ with Arare::

Sunday 2nd : I am so excited I can hardly get innocentgirl out of bed fast enough, we have pancakes for breakfast made by a real, authentic Canadian guy, Greg (Martine’s housemate) with real, authentic maple syrup. Yum! Then it’s off to the park… the weather is perfect and the leaves and so, so beautiful! So many people are in the park and everyone is happy and laughing. There is this real wild, looking dude who is reciting manga and for a very small fee he will read you some, he even includes all the sound effects! innocentgirl and Martine take so many pictures. Then we meet Tyler, Darin and Kat and their new human Jake… he’s real cool but didn’t say much.
It’s so relaxing in the park that we almost forget to go to Shinjuku where a real cool art event is happening run by Tokyomade and Lade clothing. There is a DJ (who played some awesome tunes) and live painting and we get to hang out with Deanne and Masao and check out the cool goods on show. They make us feel warm and fuzzy… or was that the three wines?
Then it’s back to Kichijoji for some pasta at Moscow and back to Martine’s.

Drinkin’ at Araku::
Deanne and Masao with Arare::
Beautiful leaves and Arare::

Monday 3rd : Get up early to have a shower and get ready to head in to Ginza to meet our friend (we met last time) Shizu Fujimori. She works for the Awagami Paper Company and she is so, so lovely! We went to eat Curry and we talked and talked about Art and Tokyo and paper and Australia… then she took her photo with me. Please check their website, they have been making beautiful paper for 1000’s of years.

Shizu san and Arare::

Off to Shibuya for gallery hopping tomorrow!!! Byecha!


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