::Baby it’s cold outside::

Ncha! Achooo! We are kind of not function right now…..
Not Function::

Well it would seem all the cold air and walking and meeting and greeting and stuff has led to me and innocentgirl getting colds.
Still we must soldier on….
Here are some of the reasons we might be sick…achooo!

December 4th : After losing my shoe (and much complaining on my part) we headed to Tokyo station to meet our friend Kumi and Hime!! Hime is my bestest friend in Japan and we always have a good time. We drove out to Chiba where we had dinner with lots of lots of old friends… dinner was Shabu shabu.. you know “What kind of restaurant makes you cook your own food?” Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.
A boy called Pinku came and Jun and Ishida san and Akane chan and Yuriwa chan and even Dai chan. It was a great reunion followed by drinks at Joint bar and watching some weird Reggae dance competition of some girls wearing not many clothes… humans are so funny!
Yuriwa chan as a teeny tiny apartment but we managed to share a futon and a kontatsu together that night.
Me and Yuriwa under the Kotatsu::

December 5th : We woke up kinda late, after getting to bed at 4pm, actually I didn’t want to get up at all until I found out we were having Tarako Pasta at Hime’s favourite restaurant. So good, then we had cakes too!
It was so cold and we couldn’t decide whether to go to an onsen or Disney Sea so innocentgirl got out her Magic 8 ball… best of three decided ‘Disney Sea’!
So we all packed into Kumi’s car and headed along the bay where we had some drinks in the bar there while we waited for the after 6pm cheap pass. Wow, Disney Sea was just as innocentgirl and I suspected… a totally surreal and bizarre experience. Everyone seemed really happy but it was the kind of happiness that is more of a maniacal grin than a smile. All the buildings are kind of twisted like cartoons and everything is just a little bit off in size… really kind of ‘uncanny valley’.
The rides were insane : ‘Tower of Terror’ which is a freefall drop in an elevator, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ and some others I can’t remember the names of… all of them included a running commentary with intermittent screaming by Kumi… we all laughed more than we screamed really. We saw some show on the big lake which apparently had Mickey and Minnie singing… I got bored though… jeebuz those guys are such showponies sometimes.
We got back in the car and headed back to Chiba around 10 pm or so and ate some awesomely good Japanese food before heading off to share Yuriwa’s futon again. I realize it’s been some time since I laughed this much, something about Hime and her friends make me feel like I have no cares and I just laugh and laugh at their funny stories.

Tarako Pasta::

Journey to the Center of the Earth::
Hime Fireworks::
Disney Sea::

December 6th – Wake up feeling really sore and tired. Seems we have both caught colds…. we manage to find our way back to Shimokitazawa where we both fall onto the bed and sleep for a few hours. We grab a conbinni bento… so good to be able to find healthy food in a convenience store, that really is convenient! When little brother finishes work we go out to eat Oden, which is basically a whole lot of yummy things floating in hot water and you pick what you want. Seems little brother had a big night the night before so we are real keen on both getting a good nights rest…. ahhh, oyasumi!

arare and sake::
Arare and Bento::

December 7th – Off to Shibuya… we check the Tobacco and Salt museum but the lady says they don’t have my shoe … poo! Down the street though at Tokyo Wondersite is a real cool exhibition on Digital art… they have games on DS and even a Wii that makes waves in a ukiyo-e picture… yatta!
As promised innocentgirl takes me back to Harajuku where she buys me a new outfit… finally! She also buys some real cool toys for her nieces and nephews.

innocentgirl has been taking lots of notes and scribbling little pictures all the time… she tells me lots of new illustrations will be on the way soon!

We have more photos at flickr too…. until next time … ncha!


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