::The Kids are Alright::

Ncha! He, he… (cough, cough). Well coming to the final leg of our tour here in Tokes and it’s getting a little nuts… why innocentgirl insists on a shopping frenzy just before she leaves and then discovers it impossible to carry home I don’t know!

Little Brother shares his Shake::

Saturday 8th : We wake up, but not so early as we are still feeling the head colds, and get ready to head out into the streets of Shimokitazawa with Little Brother for some hardcore shopping. We prepare ourselves for this with a coffee at the cafe just opposite some shops in the street that leads to the station. innocentgirl notices some colourful buckets in one of the shops and says that they look really cool … next minute some passersby stop and assess the buckets, they buy one, no sooner has that person left than another does the same, and another… even Little brother is eager, he runs over and grabs the last purple one…. it’s become a bucket frenzy! It would appear innocentgirl’s powers of persuasion are quite strong today. If only she would use them for good and not consumer evil!

Kewpies, kewpies, kewpies::
Punk stuff at Killers::

With coffees finished and buckets acquired it’s time for shopping. Christmas presents, clothes and some seemingly ‘useless’ items are the order of the day. Big brother has asked for more t-shirts from a cool little shop called ‘No more tears’ so we spend endless hours messing up neatly folded shirts, buy some and head off for more shopping. Basically what Shimokitazawa doesn’t have… isn’t worth buying.
That night we head to Shibuya to the bar of a guy we met in the Yakitori place just opposite Little Brother’s apartment… it turns out to be a huge restaurant and he’s the chef! Even though the place is packed they find us seats and treat us like royalty. At the end of the night the chef takes us to the register, bows and says it’s all on him!
We head back to Shimokitazawa on a train, packed with people, I am squashed in my bag and almost seperated from innocentgirl in crowd… just when you think no one else could fit in suddenly the doors open and more people cram in. innocentgirl tells me she always has the urge to start singing out loud just ’cause everyone is so quiet and trying to avoid looking at everyone else.
We have a couple of drinks at Little brother’s favourite bar ‘Ma and Ka’s’ and have some laughs with the bartender and the regulars that are frequently attached to the counter. Since I lost my shoes and I kinda look pathetic I have started asking for money… it’s a new trick I learnt. Whenever I meet a new person I ask them for money and if they give me some (I have a little bag) then I give them a kiss. I really ham it up and the other night I earnt 726 yen! innocentgirl says she felt a little uneasy about the whole thing but I’m totally fine with it.
The funniest thing was one guy innocently mentioned that he wanted a kiss from innocentgirl instead…. so funny when Little Brother swung his head around, stared him in the eye and said “What!”. Even funnier when he stood up, towering over him, and grabbed him by the collar… he he he… totally joking of course but the guy was really sweating bullets. Ha, ha Little brother is so funny!

Ryosuke the Barman at Ma and Ka’s::

Sunday 9th : We get up, drink coffee again and leave Little Brother at home cleaning while we head off to the Nurie Museum (a museum about colouring books!). It is hard to find and really tiny but there are lots of works on the walls and everyone is really friendly. The museum, although about colouring books in general, is dedicated to the works of Tsutaya Kiichi… innocentgirl has always loved his illustrations and was happy to see them up so close.
Nurie Museum::

Then it’s off to the Edo Tokyo Museum, which is right near where the sumo train, we got to stand next to two big guys on the train ride there.. innocentgirl was fascinated by their perfect hair juxtaposed against their totally mashed, cauliflower ears….at the musuem innocentgirl saw the works of Hokusai and some really cool artifacts from the Edo Period… I, however, was left in a coin locker….huff!
Sumo’s at Ryoguku::

It was getting really late and innocentgirl remembered she still had to pick up her portfolio from the Chance 10 exhibition at Gallery Lele… we made it with 2 mins to spare. Heading back to the station we went to the little coffee van that sits opposite the station entrance… best coffee in Tokyo… seriously. We stand there in the cold warming our hands on the cup and sipping our latte when a girl, who is also sipping away, asks innocentgirl where she is from… thus begins a conversation. We find out she was a ballerina her whole life until she broke her back, since that time she has travelled and lived in Switzerland, now she is back in Tokyo but wants to live in London and teach Yoga, her mother runs a macrobiotic restuarant in Tokyo and that is her part time job. We both agree that Tokyo is wonderful but with all that there is happening, but often people work too hard and make very little time to meet new people…. so many people but so much loneliness.
When we get back to Shimokitazawa we have a soup curry with Little Brother and then head back for an early night.
Little Brother and his Soup Curry::
BTW innocentgirl was recently on the Awagami blog, cool! …. byecha! See you in the Antipodes!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. blauereiter says:

    “So many people but so much loneliness…”

    Couldn’t agree more. Once Freedom is done I’m definitely going to look for a less taxing job.

  2. innocentgirl says:

    blauereiter – You won’t know what to do with yourself! Hope you get a little rest over Christmas and the New Year, have a happy and safe one!

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