::Sydney, Semi-Permanent, Sketchel, Sakura and Simba::

Meant to post way back early last week but ended up grabbing myself some tickets to Semi-permanent and heading on up to Sydney. After the crazy howling winds that caused the neighbours shed roof peel off like a sardine can lid and slice across our backyard before speeding off into the ether, I decided to chase said winds and head off Thursday afternoon to Sydney…. after much delay and an hour in a holding pattern I landed in the Emerald City.

Illustration \'Jacky Winter Bird\' by Andrea Innocent
Thursday night saw the opening of Curvy 5, jumping out of a cab with my friend Mick we were confronted with a very packed gallery and the alcohol was running out fast. Was very happy to see my Sketchel (was invited by Jeremyville to create one, thanksStephanie!) hanging near the front door and managed to grab myself a copy of the book. I’m on page 69;-) I share Curvy this year with Catherine Campbell, Fontaine Anderson, Katie McCormick and lots of other talented double X’s.
Sketchel design for Jeremyville (Curvy 5 launch)

Curvy 5 will also be launching at Dont Come gallery in Melbourne on April 17th as well… come one come all!

After a sleepless night… thanks to Miss. Simba Kitten who has a fascination with human noses (see pic) I awoke bleary eyed but ready for the first day of Semi-permanent. This years line up included :
Lifelounge, Ben Frost, Debaser, The Directors Bureau, Sixty40, Spencer Platt, Alex Trochut, Anthony Lister, Superfad, Amy Sol, North Kingdom and Pixar.
Stand outs for me were Alex Trochut, The Directors Bureau, Amy Sol, Lifelounge, Ben Frost and Spencer Platt.
And to end please take some time to marvel at the wonder that is Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Japan… (do a search on Flickr for it there are some gems up there right now). This season is so highly scrutinized it features as a ‘front’ on the weather channel for weeks prior to the blossoms appearing travelling from west to east Japan and ending in Hokkaido… now thats a trip I’d love to take.
Illustration ‘Delicious Friends’ created for Calorielab website.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. martine says:

    woohoooo, you go, you one-of-the-top-100-female-artists-in-the-world-you!

    SO proud of ya, honey. What a great experience/opportunity.

  2. Zander says:

    What’s going on in the lower right-hand corner of the third picture?

  3. innocentgirl says:

    martine – thanks so much darling!

    Zander – good question…. I have no idea.

  4. scarlett says:

    I was soooo close to buying yuor Sketchel last week. It was a toss up between yours and Nadia hunt’s. I ended up (literally) tossing a coin and getting Nadia’s, but man I wish I could have grabbed both.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

    xxx scarlett

  5. innocentgirl says:

    Scarlett – really! Shame I lost the coin toss… I often make decisions the same way (however with a Magic 8-ball;-)) BTW nice work.. Let’s be making happy pictures!

  6. you are bright and beautiful, I Love U

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