::Doara! Doara!::

Doala the Koala is a mascot for the Chunichi Dragons, a baseball team in Nagoya in central Japan.
I was so proud to hear that this blue eared Koala was now the most popular mascot in Japan, Doala (pronounced Doara in Japanese) has become well known for his ‘two-left feet’ and other misguided antics during games has become insanely popular of late; here is an except from a recent article on ABC news:

He has been representing the team since 1994, but inexplicably in recent months he has become a cult figure – publishing a book and sparking big queues and crowds at public appearances.

“Honestly, we don’t know why he’s become so popular now,” says Tetsuro Ishiguro, PR manager for the Dragons.

“We think it might be because people have been putting his video on to websites.”

This then led me to seek out said videos which resulted in the find above… sure it’s 8 mins long and without subtitles but I found it to be the best 8 mins I have had this week. Also take into account I have had quite a mundane work filled week and, although I’m no furry, I find mascots to be equal parts alluring, disturbing and hilariously funny.


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  1. blauereiter says:

    Hilarious ! Thanks for the video !

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