::Mysterious Mel_Totoro Forest Project::

Every time I go to post I forget what I wanted to say, I just sit there staring at the screen, hands poised to attack the keys. It’s like when you go to get a DVD and stand around for like 30 mins even though you probably have a list of movies you’ve wanted to watch for the longest time!

Anyhow there is someone I have been wanting to blog about for the longest time. Her name is Mel Stringer and she is one of the most talented and exquisitely insightful artists I know …. but unfortunately have not met yet! We have spoken on the phone and sent each other some really long emails detailing our love for each others work (truly a hilarious read) and we have even been to the same exhibition openings but seem to have missed each other by only minutes! Me: “Is Mel here?” Random dude: “Oh, yeah she was here just a minute ago”. Anyway I am sure I will meet her someday, until then it only adds to the romance, mystery and intrique that is Mel Stringer. She also has an equally talented boyfriend who produces some inky, surreal and sublime comics.. see Ben’s work here.

The photos here are of some of here awesome goodies over at her Etsy shop and of her works in a recent show at 696 Gallery on Sydney Rd, Melbourne.

BTW they are wanting to move to Melbourne (again… long story) if anyone can help them with jobs and accommodation please email me and I’ll send them your recommendations, if you can’t do that then go ahead and purchase some goodies as that will at least fund their move;-)

Also BTW I will be in a group exhibition with Mel opening here in Melbourne in October… but more about that later;-)

I have completed my article on ICON 5 for Design Taxi and have been told it will be up some time next week, I’ll let you know.

In the mean time if you have some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket and want to bid on some seriously awesome artwork for a great cause I suggest you check out the “Totoro Forest Project” you have until 12pm tonight to bid. Check out the blog for the artists work here. Proceeds go to preserving the forest that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leisie says:

    Is the Milk Monitor comic new? I don’t see it for sale anywhere 😦

  2. innocentgirl says:

    She may have sold out, that’s an old one, but I’m sure you request one she will be able to whip it up for you!

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