::Things to be sad about, things to be happy about::

I was immersed in one of my favourite stores in Japan ( Village Vanguard ) in one of my favourite suburbs (Shimokitazawa) some years back when I spied a shelf of strange looking half panda, half rabbit creatures with huge black-lashed doe eyes and was immediately smitten. This is how I discovered, and began my love affair with, Nagi Noda’s work.

I scoured the internet for her and found out how incredibly ingenious and prolific she had been and over the next couple of years saw her collaborate with another fav of mine, Mark Ryden, it seemed that everytime I saw an awesome product or film clip it had been designed, or inspired, by her work.

SADly, earlier this month Nagi Noda passed away. Noda had experienced ongoing complications related to a bad car accident last year that resulted in chronic pain. The exact cause of death was not specified. She was 35.

“Beyond being a brilliant artist and wonderful talent, Nagi was one of the most incredibly unique spirits that I have known,” says Sheila Stepanek, CEO/EP Partizan US, which represented Noda. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.” Stepanek says that Noda passed “in her Mark Ryden dress, Chanel boots, perfect make-up with Viktor & Rolf lace black eye lashes.” Quote taken from Creativity Online.

Nagi was blessed with a highly unique vision of the world, her work was not flashy, nor too complex, instead it focused on taking the viewer to another dimension where emotion and states of being are expressed in dream-like scenarios. It reminded me of my childhood in it’s technique and thought process and also in it’s hand made feel, you know those rainy days when you were young and you decided to make a fort out of the loungeroom furniture and you believe it truly is one… or was that just me?  Anyway, her passing has SADdened me deeply, knowing just how much more she could have created. It is the same feeling I had when Jim Henson passed away, and I am HAPPY to say I openly cried about it, along with my Art teacher, much to the confusion of my classmates who were too busy scratching their latest boyfriends names into their pencil cases to really even notice. Nagi’s work will remain for me a constant inspiration.

You will find a selection of videos and images below of her work along with photos of my own little ‘Hanpanda’ photographed reading the recent issue of Australian Creative, and the Weekend Australian Magazine, both of which, I am HAPPY to say, feature my work.

Arigatou Nagi Noda,

much love your fan, Andrea


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  1. kat says:

    oh no! hanpanda lady gone! 😦 i have a bunch of capsules of hananimals. 😦 and the clothing was awesome wasnt it?!

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