::Sketchcrawl and an alphabet::

If you remember some months back I met one of my illustrator heroes ‘Enrico Casarosa‘, well, as well as recently self publishing his awesome graphic novel “The Venice Chronicles” he also came up with and set up the concept of ‘Sketchcrawl’… and it’s on this Saturday! Imagine, drawing and sketching in and around your local environment whilst knowing that hundreds of others are doing the same, all over the world at the same time! Sketch power!

Melbourne has their own Sketchcrawl meetup, go here for Facebook link and here for the blog, which has all the proposed meet up times, places and contacts. Would love to meet you, see you, sketch you so come on down!

In other, slightly belated news;-), I currently have some works up at Brunswick Bound bookstore, in an upstairs gallery run by the lovely ‘Arlene the texta queen’. Go to 222 Sydney Rd Brunswick, run past the delicious printed matter on the first floor and run up the stairs to see ’em. They are the alphabet as told by Catherine Campbell, Mel Stringer, Eveline Tarunadjaja and myself. If you aren’t in Melbourne or are just incredibly lazy/busy/insert own reason here, then check them out on my Flickr page. This blog includes my A and my E. Check my flickr site for the rhymes that don’t rhyme that go with them;-)

Have a great weekend kiddies and remember a sketch a day keeps the dr. away! (and by that I mean psychiatrist;-)


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  1. Joe says:

    Lovin’ that second piece especially!

    A friend e-mailed me this news and I thought you may get a kick: http://www.freep.com/article/20081023/NEWS07/81023047



  2. blauereiter says:

    Wow ! You’ve met Enrico in person ?! That’s so cool. I’m waiting for his Venice Chronicles to arrive…can’t wait to read it ! :]

  3. Lubov19 says:

    Обязательно пишите еще! давно искала информацию!

  4. vulgare says:

    Man I love your works, your a genious and one of my strongest inspiration. I hove i´ll do something as good as your works someday.

    kisses ^^


  5. vulgare says:

    hey thanks for answering!!

    My email is Elisabeth_lacunza@hotmail.com

  6. innocentgirl says:

    Please excuse my tardiness …

    Joe – awesome news story and thank you, seems that second piece was quite a fav of many actually.

    Blauereiter – I did and he’s just as lovely in person as he is in the blogosphere!

    Lubov19 – here goes… спасибо!

    Vulgare – thanks for the email addy with add you to my list of fellow artists, I like sharing mutual love for works;-)

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