::Akemashite Omodetou!::

The little Matcha girl

It is tradition in Japan to send New Year cards, usually postcards, to friends, family and work colleagues, I decided to do the same this year but instead of just a card I opted for a New Year ‘zine’. Above is a detail taken from the centrefold.

Entitled “The Little Matcha Girl” it’s a story I have had swimming around in my head for some time, based on the original “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Anderson, which sent me into fits of melancholy as a child. Although it’s in Japanese they are actually just onomatopoeias, of which I have been fascinated with of late. You can see the full zine here on my flickr page.

Below is also a youtube video I have been searching for some time, it is an excerpt of a show I used to watch religiously in Japan “Fountain of Trivia”. This particular episode featured the ‘Sea Angel’ a tiny and sweet creature which appears to propel itself rather weakly, but endearingly, through the water with it’s ‘wings’. The Clione limacina species preys on its shelled cousin, the sea butterfly (Limacina helicina). When the hungry sea angel spots a suitable target, it lurches forward and rapidly unfurls a halo of six hooked tentacles from its head, locking its prey in a death grip. Slowly, the clione sucks the victim’s body out of its shell, swallowing it whole. I found this phenomonen so intriquing that I then added them to my work ‘Nevada Tan’.

Nevada Tan’s story parallels this act so perfectly I just had to busy her sad face up with them. See image below. I must admit to being a nerd in my search for symbology and am sometimes so overcome with the vast amounts of information I click through on the internet that I forget where I get it all from. My quest is to one day have my own dictionary of symbols to draw on. Please do share your nerdy trivia with me if you have any!

Nevada Tan

Wishing you all a very Happy 2009 and ‘Let’s be making happy pictures!’ once more;-)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josh says:

    you definitely should make a little moo book out of this! or some such service that flickr has.

  2. innocentgirl says:

    Josh – thanks so much, be happy to send you one of my zines if you send me your address!

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