::Recycled Happy::

Ok, so for those of you who heard me speak at AGIDEAS this week here are the links I was referring to as well as some added bonuses.

Go forth and click my friends!

Illustration mundo … you can upload work to this site, there is a forum and regular posts from all around the world.

Drawn …great for inspiration.

Startdrawing …some insane asian talent.

Illustrators Australia… become a member!

The Jacky Winter Group … my agency.

Flickr … you should already know this one.

Etsy …great place to sell and make handmade as well as art and drawings.

Redbubble … good way to find local friends online and get feedback on your work.

Dr. Sketchy …if you’re into drinking, dames and drawing here is the place to go!

Sketchcity …. a big warehouse full of doodlers. Very apocalyptic and end of the world feel of ‘lets just tag the walls before they fall down’ kinda scene. Aceness.

Sketchcrawl …. come on down, don’t you love intimidating the general public by suddenly appearing as a flash mob of sketchers? Or is that just me;-)

Illustration/Freelance advice

Keri Smith

Nate Williams

Great progress blogs :

Jillian Tamaki

Process/Recess – James Jean

…. will add more as I think of ’em. Feel free to email me should you need any other advice or just want to hear a good story… innocentgirl@otoshimono.org.

Let’s be making happy pictures!


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