The Girl in the Blue Dress

Well as promised here is Japanese ghost story number two, one of the works currently featured in the show “Love, Thieves and Fear make Ghosts” at the Japan Foundation Gallery in Sydney.

It was also featured here recently.

The Girl in the Blue Dress (青いドレスの少女)

A well-known story among Kyoto taxi drivers is the one about the ghost who appears as a young lady and hails a taxi for a ride.

According to one sightseer’s experience in the ancient capital;

“I took a trip to Kyoto looking for ghosts. A taxi driver said he picked up a young woman along the banks of the Kamo River and started taking her to a place called Midoro Pond. When they entered the dark Tadasu Forest, the driver looked back at the woman, but he saw nothing there except for a damp spot on the seat where she had been sitting.”

If the Kyoto cabbies are to believed, this perpetually on-the-go phantom still haunts them to this day.

excerpt from :  www.japantoday.com

Still waiting patiently to hear your ghost tales;-)


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  1. i was camping near bourke and wills track near lancefeild , on a freinds property, he has alot of crashed old cars on his property that he sells for parts.

    it was a hot, it was dark and the fire ha died down and we all went to bed. but i thought i heard the screech of breaks and a impact of a car right near the tent. then screaming and the small crackle of fire coming from what i thought to be a car crash right near us.

    turns out it had been a gum tree limb falling of a tree and the screaming was that of a possum. the size of the limb was huge the dont call them widow makers for nothing i suppose but it still scared the living heck out of me to hear all that noise. at night the austrailian bush is a scary place

  2. Josh says:

    love the graphic simplicity of this one! very strong.

  3. innocentgirl says:

    rachel – eerie stuff!

    Josh – ta mate!

  4. shelby says:

    i adore this one! so beautiful!

    we have our own version of The Girl in the Blue Dress in Dallas, Texas, USA. it’s a girl in a Neiman Marcus dress who is picked up by a man near White Rock Lake and she asks to be taken to her house. but when they get there, he looks over and the seat is just wet. she’s spotted every so often by someone driving near the lake at night. i spend a lot of time at that lake but have never seen her.

  5. nice taxi ghost story 🙂

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