New website is go!


After months of sorting images and back and forthing with the wonderful, patient and amazing Marty at Still Moving Design, whom I met via the awesome IA website upgrade, my updated site is go! All new work, new navigation and lots of happy pictures!

Let onigiri boy show you the way!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine says:

    hey it looks excellent!!

  2. Hi Andrea

    I love the new website and of course you know how much I love your work, so please don’t be upset and think I am being picky but you need to fix Stationary and change it to it Stationery. Having been a greeting card and stationery designer for many years, I was picked up on the same mistake! Probably isn’t important in the grand scheme of things…

    Katherine Griffiths
    (Now in Melbourne, used to be in Wentworth Falls NSW)

  3. innocentgirl says:

    Catherine – thank you!
    Katherine – Eeeeeek! Not at all, I can’t believed that escaped me! I’m a real stickler for spelling and grammar so this is very embarrassing… thank you so much for picking it up. Will amend asap.

  4. Great! I had my tail between my legs a bit!

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