::Who lives there?::

‘Who lives there?’ is a character design workshop I am instructing at the Burrinja Cultural Centre over the next month or two. It coincides with the installation of a giant cardboard house (about the size of your average cubby) in the foyer of the centre for their Play n Stay series. The cardboard house will be for children to wander and ponder on the meaning of home not just for themselves but also the animals around them, in particular the endangered and local fauna in the Dandenong ranges. Feel free to visit and draw on the house! Colouring pages and textas are also supplied.

The workshops will involve a look at local fauna and in particular endangered Australian animals. These will be researched and characters created using pencil, coloured pencil and collage and then cut out. Then using found materials (all supplied) we will construct a small home for your character, decorate it using paint, collage and coloured pencils. We will then place your character inside and fit it out to suit. Does your animal need a fridge? A sofa or a tv? Your little friend can then go home with you and hang as a ‘mobile’ home in your room!

Dates and bookings for the workshops can be found here!


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