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Eeeeek! So exciting! My work featured as part of the Jacky Winter promo for ‘Flutter’.

‘Flutter’ is the animation service provided by Jacky Winter in collaboration with 21.19 .
As you can see they did an amazing job getting my birdies from page to screen!

The work of Tin and Ed, Toby and Pete, Travis Price and Ben Sanders also features.

Thanks go to Jeremy and Dom too for all their hard work putting it together…

If you’re in the city you should drop on by the Hill of Content bookshop and have a look at the window. A group of us from Illustrators Australia have each created a light box style four frame animation for the State of Design Festival. Have a look here to find other stores participating in the Look. Stop. Shop. part of the festival. You can even vote for your favourite shop window… I’m just saying;-).

The technical side of the light boxes were rigged up by Kit Stop.

Happy Monday to you!!!


The brilliant work of Kondoh Akino “Densha kamo shirenai”

I have watched this video … ooh about…. thirty times. I just can’t get enough of it, so much so that I just blogged about it here. I was invited to be a contributor to some weeks back and have finally got around to making a contribution. I have been a Startdrawing fan from way back and am so happy to be able to share my ‘finds’ to an even larger audience now… check it;-)!

Wofl 2106_still

Wish I could define the droolworthy goodness this film oozes and the effect it has on me everytime I see it… all I can link to the reason for my fascination with it is that it makes me want to watch, and leaves me with memories of, ‘Mononoke Hime’ every time I see it.

… but then I realized that doesn’t matter … just as the artist David O’Reilly himself points out in his blog;

“What matters to me is that the feeling excited by my films should be universal. An artistic image is capable of arousing identical feelings in viewers, while the thoughts that come later may be very different. If you try to search for a meaning during the film you will miss everything that happens. The ideal viewer is somone who watches a film like a traveler watching the country he is passing though: because the effect of an artistic image is an extra-mental type of communication. There are some artists who attach symbolic meaning to their images, but that is not possible for me. Zen poets have a good way of dealing with this: they work to eliminate the possiblity of interpretation, and in the process a parallel arises between the real world and what the artist creates in his work.”