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Here is ‘Spaghetti arms Sally singing in the rain’. I know Monday can be horrible, especially in this wet weather but at least your arms aren’t made of spaghetti!


When I first moved to Japan I didn’t know much about Japanese illustrators and artists beyond Takeshi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara and whilst they both still totally blow my mind, it was a delight to discover some lady illustrator and artists that could do the same.

It was on a cold winter day in January that I was staring at the huge wall of diaries available in Tower Records in Shibuya when I spied a tiny bunny character on one of them from the corner of my eye (see pic above). That little book became my diary for 2004 and it’s unlined pages allowed me to draw sketches rather than to dominate it with words. In a way this is what started my journey to become an illustrator…this tiny little diary.

A couple of years later, I saw some of her work in a group show in a gallery in Tokyo and bought a postcard (see pic above). At the time I was suffering from a serious case of home sickness mixed with culture shock x 1000 and ‘What’s wrong with me!’ was my daily mantra.

Maya Maxx (born 1961) is a well known artist and children’s book illustrator. In true Japanese style she manages to produce cute characters, the style and content whilst at times naive, tells a much deeper story of what it means to want fit in, to belong and to understand the world. In a society in which 出る釘は打たれる (The stake that sticks out gets hammered down) these are brave images indeed.








Striped Possum ‘My stress levels have sky rocketed since the housing estate went up next door, cat’s everywhere! Since the acupuncture I’m real zen about it all’.

Mountain Pygmy possum ‘I used to feel really light headed and weak, even my night vision was fading, acupuncture has cured it all!’

Eastern Barred Bandicoot ‘When I got the news I was endangered, I went through an existential crisis, the acupuncture was the best thing that could of happened, I sleep much better now’.

::Happy Valentines Day::

Pickles loves you all!

I Scream Nails

This is happening this Friday, Saturday September 13th – 14th. Art inspired nails featuring onigiri boy!





















‘Not for Rental’ is a movie-inspired charity exhibition which is going to be held at 71a Gallery from Thursday July 4th to Saturday 13th. The works are all decorated video cases inspired by the artists favourite films. The exhibition aims to promote awareness of two issues Art Against Knives and Macmillan Cancer Support, the proceeds of all artwork auctioned will go to these charities.

Good art, good cause, good reason to check it out here!

…and here’s my piece;-)


I’ve been drawing animals, lots of animals.

I was recently given one of the most amazing illustration gigs I’ve ever had the pleasure of drawing via The Jacky Winter Group and 21.19. I was asked to create a series of illustrations for a performance of ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ (Camille Saint-Saens) at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Saturday 19th of January 2013. My illustrations and characters were given the gift of movement by the brilliant animators at 21.19 and the animation will play alongside the orchestra, there will also be a narration including the words of Australian playwright Nick Enright. See below for a sneak peek;-




Carnival of the Animals - Elephants

Carnival of the Animals - emus

Carnival of the Animals - tortoises


Available now at Grove Made!

PS(It’s $20 off for two weeks!)


::The gocco kids line up to sing for their idol:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::Koala Girl:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::Don’t make fun of me just ’cause I’m different:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::Miss Starey:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::The Pencil Archer:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::The Children:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::Just wanna be your teddy bear:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::I’ve had goggies on my mind:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012


::The Spirit Animal Duplicator:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012

New show!

‘The Hideout’.

‘It was so surprising to me that no one else had noticed the hideout before I discovered it that morning, so many people had walked by on their way to work and school.
What first caught my eye was the bright red colour of the pencil, which was extremely sharp and pointing right at me, it was then I suddenly realized
it was being held by a tiny archer in a hand made bow…’

Andrea Innocent 2012


c3 Contemporary Art Space
Abbotsford Convent Foundation
1 St Heliers St. Abbotsford VIC 3067 Australia

Blog: www.c3artspace.blogspot.comI’ll be sitting the space on May 5th. Hope to see you there!